What Your Realtor May Never Tell You

Depending on where you live,  trying to find a home can be extremely difficult.  In Orange County, Ca where I live, homes prices between 400K - 650k are typically sold quickly and with multiple offers.  We are seeing a ton of all cash offers and most are coming from overseas.   I see buyers get so frustrated with the process that some of them just give up.  They are finding that many of their wants (neighborhood, school district, city) need to be sacrificed simply due the high demand and lower inventory.  In fact, some of the most desirable neighborhoods are not even considered by buyers just because they don’t want to ultimately be discouraged.   I had some friends of mine that actually looked in a specific neighborhood they wanted to be in for a year before finally giving up and settling for a home 10 miles a way.  There is one trick that I use that just may of landed them that perfect home in the exact neighborhood they wanted.

This trick actually worked for a family I was representing.  They wanted to be in this very specific neighborhood and every time we would pass this specific little house they would say “See Matt, we want something like that!”.  For three months straight we scoured the neighborhood for listings and they would always point out that specific house as something they wanted.  The market was very stable in that neighborhood and we didn’t seem to have the “key” to unlock anything.  So basically, I made my own key.   I drove by that same house they always talked about wanting,  parked and told my buyers to go knock on the door and introduce themselves.  I wanted them to do this because most most people see a realtor and automatically run for the hills thinking a hard sale is coming.  I told them to say “hello” and to let them how much they love their house and tell them their desire to buy in the neighborhood.  A great first line could be “ Hi!  We love this neighborhood! Do you think we should buy here?” and just wait and see what happens.  People are so passionate about where they live (especially if they love it) that they will talk to you for hours about it.  They will boast about their neighborhood with an amazing sense of pride and also get to know you on a personal level.  Long story short,  my buyers were told buy the woman that lived in that house that their neighbors were thinking about selling.  We drove down the street, introduced ourselves and four months later my buyers moved into their dream neighborhood.   It turned out that the family in that house wanted to move, but was scared to go through the lengthy selling process.  As soon as they met my buyers and knew they were willing to pay market price,  it was a done deal.   Sometimes the greatest things in life come from a simple “hello”. 


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