The Contracting Realtor

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone!  It has been a crazy year for me, professionally speaking.  "Yard Crashers" is still going strong and we just got renewed for season 13.   I can safely say that I will be busy through 2014, and in my line of work, that is always welcomed.  I intend to blog more in the new year.  (I know I have been slacking.)  I think I know what my New Year's resolution is going to be…

Along with "Yard Crashers", I have been shooting a new show called Vacation House For Free that will premiere New Year's Day on HGTV (please check your local listings and set your DVR).  Basically, it's "House Hunters" meets "Income Property".  Sounds like a winner, right?  Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed shooting it.  I have already been getting questions regarding my role in the show as a real estate professional.  Some people are already asking "I thought you were a contractor?  When did you become a Realtor?".  I thought I'd take a moment to answer...

I've been a licensed contractor for years, but I've also have been a licensed Realtor since 2007.   I worked under Century 21 in Fullerton, California and I loved every minute of it.  I originally got my license when I was building houses from the ground up.  I would purchase the land as a Realtor, put my tool belt on and build on the land as a contractor, and then put my Realtor hat back on and sell the house.  I loved being actively involved from soil to sale.  It can be a crazy process, and to be honest, downright scary to new home buyers.

After the "new home" market went down, I became a specialist for distressed properties: properties that were in foreclosure, short sales, probate, etc.   I became addicted to it!  I relished in navigating the market and getting my clients the best deal.  I also loved explaining the process to them in terms they could understand.  I also brought my skills as a contractor to the table, so we could make an offer with confidence knowing the exact shape the property was in.  I would say those experiences led to my well-rounded home improvement expertise.

I just love the idea of the homestead: a place that is probably one of the biggest investments a family will make in their lives.  So, whether it is designing and building them a new kitchen as a contractor, or getting an offer accepted 20k lower than we hoped for as a Realtor, I love it all!  My passion is, and will always be, helping people create the home of their dreams.

You'll get to see all my skills at work on my new HGTV series.  Assisting homeowners in finding a vacation getaway that pays for itself made my job(s) even more fun!

Feel free to shoot me any home improvement and/or real estate questions via Twitter.  I love to share what I know and (hopefully) help you!  Maybe you can also remind me to keep my New Year's resolution of blogging more.  I think that's a fair trade :)

Wishing you a prosperous, healthy and happy new year!

Matt Blashaw, host of HGTV's "Vacation House For Free"

Matt Blashaw, host of HGTV's "Vacation House For Free"